What We Do

The UK’s leading local search company serving brands and agencies with 10 to 3000 branches.

Local Listing Optimisation & Management

As a leading Local Search Optimisation Company we specialise in optimising and managing local listings for
multiple locations.

Multi- Location Website Solutions

Whether you need 10 branch websites or 3,000, MiShop.local offers a sophisticated design, build and hosting service for multiple locations.

Multi- location Search Solutions

MiShop.local tailors local search and web solutions for brands across multiple locations.

Local Reputation Management

MiShop.local’s Local Reputation Management service helps chains to monitor and respond to reviews.

Who We Do It For

We’re the UKs leading local search optimisation service provider serving brands.


Chains with 10 to 3,000 branches or service areas.


Franchises with 10 to 2000 franchisees.

Agencies & Resellers

Agencies with clients ranging from SMEs to international brands.

Why Local is Important

Good housekeeping with SEO and customer service benefits.

Drivers of Local SEO

Business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP)
correctly listed in local listing sites is essential for effective local search optimisation.

Brand Integrity

Your brand is listed in multiple listing sites, but is the information correct and on brand?

We help control your brand in local search.

Customer Satisfaction

Wrong information = Unhappy customers

We make sure your branch information is correct wherever people find it.

When We’re Needed

We ensure branch information is correct and your brand looks good wherever people find you in local search.

Brand Control

Ensure your brand is correctly represented wherever it appears in local search.

Local SEO

An essential part of local search is correct branch level information and
branding in local listings.

Re- Branding / Acquisitions

Re-branding or changing your business name has major implications on local search.

New Openings / Relocation

Moving or opening new premises will require changes to all your local listings.

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