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Google is constantly evolving and testing new features in local search, and this time the spotlight has fallen on business star ratings and reviews. So, what has Google done this time? Google has introduced a feature that enables users to filter local search results by various criteria, one of which is star ratings. Why is this important? More and more people are leaving reviews on Google  In a recent study we carried out there was a 372% increase in UK Restaurants Review written in Google My Business in 2016 Percentage Change in reviews written in year The increase in reviews has, in part, been due to increased awareness and use of Google My Business, but also because Google is prompting ...

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Bad reviews can be good! image

Customer Reviews increasingly play an important role in our purchasing decisions. Reviews written on local listing sites associated with the NAP of a business location can influence its local organic search performance.   They not only raise the profile of the location within the listing site itself, they can provide key-word references for search engines.  Importantly, they are permanent! Colourful reviews which describe in detail the customer experience are more engaging and more influential.  Think of reviews as mini blogs written by your customers. Fundamentally, reviews are written by customers that are either happy or unhappy with your service.  You need to focus on delivering the good service and encourage them to write reviews. No amount of SEO activity can can fix ...

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