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To date, we have managed Google Post for more than 20 brands across 5,300 locations in a number of sectors including retail, restaurateurs, pubs, car rental and business services. As a result, we have amassed unprecedented experience and insight data for a wide range of Post campaigns. By measuring “Post Open Rates” as a percentage of Google My Business local search traffic, we see that Google Posts made by multi-location brands can attract significant audience attention and web traffic. Post open rates vary by sector, location, time of year, demographic, audience and the post itself. This chart for a brand with 320 locations shows how Post open rates vary throughout the year. Here is an example of a chain that ...

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Having managed the local online presence of major retail brands for many years we have seen a significant growth in people ‘clicking for directions’ on their mobile.  Although this is not surprising in itself as more people use mobile maps, what is surprising is that the volume of usage suggest that people use Google Maps even when they are going to places they frequent such as the grocery store. We looked into this and found that people use maps even when they know where they are going to get the fastest route. This is an incredibly important consideration. Retail brands that ignore Google Maps are missing an opportunity. What’s the opportunity? When people use Google Maps to navigate to your premises, the chances are ...

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