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Is your website mobile friendly? image

Is your website ready for the 21st April Deadline? The next Google ranking change is critical for your business Don’t be left behind with the new Google mobile friendly search ranking update! Google has announced that a website’s mobile friendliness will be an official ranking factor in their mobile search algorithm as of April 21, 2015. Simply put, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, that is responsive or with a dedicated mobile site, you will see a drop in traffic after the 21st of April. So if you’ve been meaning to get around to optimizing your website for mobile, now is definitely the time. Why is this so important for your business? Search on mobile is popular ...

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Google doorway pages update – impact on local businesses image

This week Google announced An update on doorway pages revealing that they will soon launch a ranking adjustment that could impact on ‘Sites with large and well-established doorway campaigns’. So what could this mean for small service area businesses and franchises? Of course, it’s impossible to know until the adjustment is released but lets look in more detail at what Google are trying to achieve and this in turn may help to understand the outcome. Firstly, what is a Doorway Page? Generally Doorway pages are designed for search engines, not for human beings. Sometimes they automatically redirect to the desired page using Javascript and server side redirection. Other Doorway pages are more like landing pages in that they have navigation, ...

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Reinvigorating the Great British High Street standard

Released this month, The Digital High Street 2020 Report published by The Digital High Street Advisory Board, sets out a 5 year strategy to reinvigorate the UK’s traditional high street with a focus on the impact of digital technology and the digital future. The report makes 4 primary recommendations which they say, and we also believe, are crucial to the revitalisation and continued success of the high street in a digitally dominated world. Whilst the foundation of success for the High Street hasn’t changed (economically strong, convenient, engaging. Relevant, adaptive, authentic and diverse, and experiential- see full report for more information) the tools available have and will continue to change. Although, the high street has already weathered many changes including ...

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Franchises – How to improve your local search performance image

Franchises – Tips on how to improve your local search presence. More than 50% (and growing) of all web queries are now performed on a mobile device. Why is this significant for franchises? Well if someone uses a mobile device to search for services, the results are tailored to their immediate location. This is called Local Search. Most franchise businesses are “local”. Local search is different to conventional web search as it is influenced by your address and phone number more than your website. In fact, a business without a website but is listed on local business listing sites can appear higher in local search than a business with just a website. The implications are huge, a business with a ...

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Local SEO vs Organic SEO image

Back in September we were joined by James Robinson, Head of SEO & Paid Advertising at Countrywide, to compare and present the differences between Local SEO and Organic SEO at Brighton SEO. Below is a link to our presentation from the day, where we compare and contrast the on-line, off-line and social drivers of local search and organic SEO to highlight their similarities and differences. We also discuss where you need to put your energy for successful local SEO including: Schema Markup Microdata Local Citations NAP consistency Category Consistency Customer Reviews in Local Listing Sites. It includes our top tips on local listing optimisation.   Google Local vs Organic Seo – Comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between Local ...

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Why is NAP important in Local Search? standard

Businesses change, but the address doesn’t! Don’t expect the search engines to work out what your business should be listed as. Everything about a business premises can change over time except the address. For example; the business owner can change, the business name can change, the phone number can change, what the business does can change, however the address will always be the same. Imagine you are a search engine trying to make sense of NAP data that is spread across hundreds of local listing sites associated with the same address. You find different names listed, some are similar, and some are completely different. Which one’s correct? Then you look at Phone Numbers. You find the same phone number associated with ...

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