Google My Business Posts for Enterprise

We manage Google My Business Posts for multi-location brands.

Posts are a simple feature that enables businesses to promote their products and services locally within Google My Business listings.

They are a highly cost-effective means of informing and influencing prospective customers of products and promotions as and when they visit your store pages. However, currently, there is no facility within Google My Business for enterprises with more than 10 locations to manage their Posts in bulk, which is why we have developed a service to do it for you.

MiShop.local enables multi-location brands to take advantage of Posts.  Whether you are running a sale or competition across all stores or launching a new product range in a group of stores, we can set-up a Post campaign to promote it for you.




About MiShop.local

MiShop.local provides local presence management services including Posts for Enterprise to multi-location brands.  We managed the largest Christmas 2017 and New Year Post campaign in the UK with 8 campaigns and 4000 posts across 1,100 locations.

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