We have been managing the local online presence of major retail brands for many years and what stands out is the growth in people ‘clicking for directions’ on their mobile.

Well what’s surprising about that? Surely as more people use maps on their mobile you will see more usage? Although this is true, the volumes in local search and click for directions suggest that people use Google Maps even when they are going to places they frequent such as the grocery store.

In other words, it appears that people use Google Maps for directions as a force of habit.

We asked around and it appears that many people use maps to familiar places in-case there is traffic congestion and Google suggest a faster route.  It is also the case that they may be starting from a different point, so still need directions.

Why is this an important consideration?

I will repeat the point.. Many people are using Google Maps for directions to places they know and frequent..This is incredibly important as it indicates that retailers who don’t think people use Google to find them are probably wrong and missing an opportunity.

What’s the opportunity?

A convenience store is going to get passing trade – that’s what they do. A petrol station is going to get passing trade – that’s why they are there… but if people are using Google Maps to get there, they need to be damn sure the information is correct, the map pins’ in the right place AND they take advantage of Google My Business Posts!.

Google My Business Posts (let’s call them Google Posts) can be used to advertise in-store products and promotions to people who intend to visit your store.

Google Posts are the single most under-utilized feature in Google My Business today.

Multi-location brands can attract a significant customers interacting by leveraging Google Posts.  We’d go as far to say that Google Posts for certain brands will be seen more than their Facebook Posts.

To get an idea of how many Google Posts views you could get, just follow these steps.

Go to your Google My Business Dashboard and download an insight report for all your stores.

You can expect a post ‘open rate’ of between 5 and 25% of your Total Search volume!

That is a lot of eye balls at a time that people are thinking about coming to your store.

MiShop.local schedules and manages Google My Business Posts for multi-location brands with hundreds or thousands of locations globally.  Give us a call to find out how you can leverage your local online presence using Google Posts.