Local Reputation Management

We help brands to solicit, monitor
and respond to local reviews.

Reviews on local listing sites affect your local search performance as well as influencing customer purchasing decisions.

Reviews on local listing sites are not like social media sites; they are a permanent reminder of what people think of your services at a given location. Reviews are not ‘conversations’ however you can respond to them.

Brands with multiple locations need a strategy and process for monitoring and responding to reviews at a local level.

MiShop.local’s Local Reputation Management service helps chains to solicit, monitor and respond to reviews using a simple Solicit, Monitor, Report, Respond and Escalate Process:

  • Solicit – a simple in-store mechanism to encourage customers to write reviews.
  • Monitor – reviews written on key listing sites. Report – provide a consolidated report on what’s being said.
  • Respond – to positive reviews on your behalf according to pre-defined wording and brand guidelines.
  • Escalate – negative reviews to branch managers to make them aware, and to ‘shape’ an appropriate response.

The outcome

More reviews written, greater understanding of local customer satisfaction and positive driver to local search performance.

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