Review Generation: Write About Us

About Write About Us.

WriteAboutUs™ helps brands to measure customer satisfaction across multiple locations and to improve local search performance and reputation by inviting people to write reviews on local review sites.

WriteAboutUs™ gets customers to complete a satisfaction survey before inviting them to write a review on a review site.

Happy customers are pointed to a review site; unhappy customers are pointed to customer services.

The survey is instigated by customers either visiting and entering a unique survey number, or a link can be sent via email.

In return for completing a survey, customers are entered into the WriteAboutUs™ prize draw to win a £1000.


WriteAboutUs Card

We provide 1000 printed cards with your Name, Logo, unique WriteAboutUs Number and instructions. The card is a convenient way to invite customers to provide feedback. Just hand the card to the customer when you give them the bill. Customers can put the card in their wallet as a reminder to complete a survey when they get home.
Customers must have your unique WriteaboutUs Number to be able to complete a satisfaction survey for your restaurant. More cards can be supplied when you run out, or you can print your own.


Satisfaction Survey

Our satisfaction survey provides valuable and confidential feedback to you, but also identifies whether a customer is happy before we invite them to write a review on a review site. Our basic package provides a standard restaurant survey. For an extra fee, a more detailed satisfaction survey can be used.

Email Survey

If you have a customer email list, we can email a WriteAboutUs survey to them directly.


Link to Any Review Site

At the end of the survey, only happy customers are invited to write a review on established review sites such as Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook,, etc. When they click on a link, they are taken directly to your restaurant listing, where they can write a review in their name! Real reviews from real customers!

Unhappy customers are asked if they would like to take up an issue with you.


Monthly Reporting

Each month we will send you a report showing you the results of your satisfaction survey and the reviews that have been written on each review site.


£1000 Cash Prize Draw

A £1000 cash prize draw is offered as an incentive to customers to provide feedback.
If your customer wins the prize draw, we will pay the money.


Marketing Opt-In Service

Would you like your own customer email list so that you can send them special offers and newsletters? No problem, WriteAboutUs can invite customers to “Opt – In” to receiving emails from you in future.


Monthly Consulting Call

With the full WriteAboutUs service, we provide a monthly consultation call to go through the results of your satisfaction survey and reviews. We will highlight what people like and dislike about their restaurant experience so that you can prioritise what to fix and what to promote.

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