Why Local is Important

Good housekeeping with SEO and customer service benefits.

Local Search Optimisation

Local search is different to conventional web search. It’s all about your location!

A major component of Local SEO is consistent Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) and business Category being listed in local online listing sites. These listings can be further optimised with rich content such as logo, photos, business descriptions, opening times and customer reviews.

Our Local Listing Optimisation service ensures NAP details are
correct and brand content optimised on multiple local listing sites.

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Brand Integrity

Your brand is precious. You need to control it in local search.

The chances are your brand is already listed in multiple listing sites but do you control it?

Is the content and branding ‘on message’?  Are the addresses, phone numbers, opening times and web-links correct?

Are the map pins in the right place?

Only by managing you location data you can be confident that search engines and mapping services point customers to the right place.

Local Listing Optimisation is “Good House Keeping with SEO Benefits”. By controlling your local listing information you can protect your brand which just so happens to improve your local search performance.

We help control your brand in local search.

Customer Satisfaction

When customers look for your local branch details, they expect the information they find to be correct.

Don’t assume that your customers will always look for branch information on your store finder. They won’t! They have multiple local search options.

Customers only find out the information is wrong when it’s too late, which is a major dissatisfier and potential lost business.

For example:

  • Incorrectly-placed map-pin
  • Wrong opening times
  • Wrong phone number
  • Wrong address
  • Dead weblinks
  • Wrong information about services etc

We ensures that your branch information is correct
wherever people find it in local search.

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