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Google Updates Agency

Bringing brands and retailers together to leverage the power of Google Updates

Google Updates Agency

Issue and Opportunity

Most Retailers don’t use Google Updates to its full potential because they don’t have the content or resource to manage it.

Conversely, brands have great content about their products and are keen to support retailers in promoting them.

The solution?

We Manage Google Updates for Brands on Behalf of Retailers.

The Benefits

Brand Supplier

  • Significant, timely and passive advertising for their products in a store that sells them.
    • Significant: A single update can be seen hundreds of thousands of times.
    • Timely: Updates are seen when people intend to visit a store that sells the product.
    • Passive: Updates are non-invasive and seen prior to entering the store.
  • Increase brand awareness and sales in retail partner stores.
  • Enhance brand-retailer relationship.
  • SEO benefits.


  • Turn Google Updates into a powerful “owned media” channel.
  • Maximise the use of Google Updates to the mutual benefit of the retailer and brands.
  • Drive footfall to stores and clicks to your website.
  • Increase revenue through cross selling and upselling.
  • SEO benefits.

So, Who Does What?


  • Work directly with brand suppliers and manage Google Update schedules on behalf of the retailer.


  • Specify posting ‘rules’ (number of posts per week, type of posts and content guidelines).

Brand Suppliers

  • Provide content.


  • We help brands promote their products through their retail partner’s Google listings using Google Updates.
  • Passive advertising delivered in a timely fashion.
  • Significantly raises local brand awareness.

Who It’s For?

  • Retailers that sell a wide range of branded products.
  • Brands who sell their products through retail partners.
  • Agencies.