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Local Keyword Analysis

Find out how people found you in your area

Local Keyword Analysis

Find out what keyword searches your stores appear in.


  • Google My Business (GMB) provides rich insight data for each store, including the search queries people use to find your store.
  • This data can help inform your local search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) strategies as well as identifying trends and opportunities in local tastes and habits.
  • The trouble is that Google does not provide this data in a useable format:
    • Many search terms are misspelled.
    • In the public’s mind, many products have interchangeable names or abbreviations.
    • Search strings can contain a variety of products, brands and/or sizes in a different sequence.

Our Solution

  1. The Tool – Consolidated keyword and search volume by location.
  2. The Table – Mastered data is provided for you to anlayse.
  3. The Report – A full insight report with highlights, analysis and trends.


  • Lists keywords and phrases for each store which appears in GMB local search.
  • Analyse keyword searches to identify local trends and opportunities.
  • Consolidate into regional or national trend report.


  • Measure the effectiveness of your keyword strategy in local search.
  • Identify location specific product search trends – which may influence store stocking levels.
  • Identify local keywords to focus your SEO effort.
  • Identify local search issues and anomalies.

Who It’s For

Multi-location brands with 10 or more locations.
Ideal for retailers that sell a wide range of products.

What We Do

  • We gather the raw data from your chosen period and locations to produce a master table:
    • All the keywords and search volumes are extracted.
    • The data is cleaned and normalised.
    • This information is consolidated into a useable data table for you to analyse.
  • For an extra fee, we can analyse the data and prepare full insight reports:
    • These are interactive reports which clearly emphasise the relationships between location, brand and product search trends.
    • Local and national opportunities or issues are placed in context.