We get more customers for local businesses in Google Maps

What's the secret?

Working with more than 50,000 Google Business Profiles since 2010 has taught us that:

1. Most people look at Google Business Profiles when searching for local services.

2. A Google Business Profile is more important than a website in local search.

3. Managed Google Business Profiles get more customers and have a competitive advantage over businesses that do not manage their Google Business Profiles.

4. Businesses that know the value of their Google Business Profile keep it secret.

Sssshhhhh - Don't tell my competitors that my Google Business Profile is taking their business!!

Why is it hard work?

Google creates Google Business Profiles using basic information it finds on the internet, however, Google relies on businesses owners AND customers to 'fill in the gaps' and to add content such as images, service information, promotions and reviews.

Businesses that actively manage their Google Profiles are 'rewarded' with better performing listings and more customer calls.

Business that do nothing get fewer customers.

Keeping your Google Business Profile fresh and engaging is hard work, but the reward is worth it.

Getting an expert like MiShop.local to manage it for you can save considerable time AND ensure that your listing is always working for you.

Why MiShop.local?

We know what works - We have more experience than most from managing thousands of Google Business Profiles since 2010.

Our focus on what matters as well as systems and processes means that we can deliver exceptional value and performance.

Why pay an expensive agency that 'dabbles' when you can get an expert that just does Google Business at a fraction of the price?

We are trusted by brands with thousands of Google Profiles to small businesses with just one.