Are You in Control Of Your Local Brand Presence?

Most local listing sites rely on 3rd party directories, business owners and even the public to keep the business listings up-to-date.

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  • Do you know how your brand is portrayed on local listing sites?
  • Are you comfortable that information about your brand is compiled and displayed on 3rd party listing sites that do not know you?
  • Are you comfortable that anyone can change information about your business without your knowledge?
  • Only by claiming your listings can you control how your brand appears in local search.

Most local listing sites rely on 3rd party directories, business owners and even the public to keep the business listings up-to-date. However, there are no ‘rules’ as to who, what, when and how information should be updated. Consequently, many sites list information that is out-of-date and incorrect.

Your business could be listed on these sites with the wrong phone number, wrong address, wrong web link, wrong business name, wrong category, wrong logo, uninspiring or uninformative business descriptions.

Every interaction with your brand should be positive. If your customers find information that is incorrect, regardless of what it is or where they found it, it could inconvenience, frustrate or even confuse them.

These may seem trivial, but put yourself in the shoes of a customer that has followed directions to an incorrectly placed map pin, or turns up when the shop’s closed, or calls a dead or the wrong phone number, or click on a dead link, etc. Best case, they look again, or, maybe they give up and go somewhere else! Don’t assume that they will always go to your store finder, they won’t!

As well as NAP details and opening times, these sites can also display information about your brand.
Is the description inspiring and contain key words that work for you in search? Is it on brand?

Is the logo correct? Does it stand out?

Click-through rate increases when your brand stands out.

Your brand image on these sites is just as important as having the correct name and address. A branded listing stands out from the competition and is more engaging.

How you are categorised is important too… Are you a restaurant, or an Italian Restaurant? Are you a Fashion Retailer or Supplier? Are you a Plumber or a Plumbing Supplier? Miss-categorisation means that you will not appear in the right local search results.

Only you know what information is correct and how you want your brand to be portrayed on 3rd party listing sites. So why leave it to someone who does not know you?

To control your local brand presence you need to claim and manage your local listings. 

If you have been affected by any of the issues mentioned in this article,
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