Avoid ‘Computer Says NO’

Be very careful when setting up multi-location listings in Google for the first time.

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Be very careful when setting up multi-location listings in Google for the first time.

Don’t assume that you can just upload a file and away you go!  Oh no, doing it this way can result in those immortal words “Computer says NO”

The best approach is to create an organic local presence before uploading a file to Google My Business.

Google “the machine” will publish new listings if they match your existing organic presence and you conform to their guidelines.

However, if you bulk upload without laying the foundations, the chances are Google will say “hang on” this isn’t quite right and put your listings into  ‘pending’ for a human to review; If that happens the Google human can make things very complicated for you or even block the submission.

When Google the computer says “No” -Google humans step in… and that’s when it can get really complicated!

To avoid “Computer says No”, follow Google’s guidelines, establish an organic authority before listing, be patient and don’t do anything out of the ordinary!

Or better still get help from an expert – call MiShop.local.

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