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Google Posts

Google My Business Posts for Multi-Location Brands

Google Posts 

Google Posts appear prominently in your Google My Business store page and can be used to highlight products, services and promotions at a time when people are looking to visit your store.  They drive footfall to your stores and clicks to your website and also have SEO benefits.

We manage Google Post campaigns for multi-location retailers with 10 to 10,000 locations.  Globally!


  • Schedule Google Posts to appear on the day you require them.
  • Remove Google Posts when expired.
  • Campaign analytics and reporting Click Here for Example Results.


  • Google Posts are seen when customers are looking to visit your stores.
  • Opened by up to 10% of your local search traffic.
  • Drives footfall to stores and search traffic to your website.
  • Up-sell or convert prospective customers.
  • Significantly cheaper than pay-per-click (PPC).
  • No ad-blockers.
  • SEO benefits.

Who It’s For

  • Posts can be used by most business with a GMB listing.
  • The type and frequency of posts varies by sector and your objectives.
    • Supermarkets benefit from frequent posting of new offers and promotions as regular customers will see them each week.
    • A dentist could post monthly as customers usually return every few months.
    • It all depends on the customer journey.

What We Do

  • The whole process is managed for you.
  • We provide a facility for you to submit content and we do the rest.
    • We set-up and schedule your Google Posts.
    • After your campaign, we take down the post.
    • We analyse and report on the Google Post performance.

Who We Work With

  • We manage Google Posts for retailers with 10 to 10,000 locations globally!
  • We also provide a unique and highly exclusive GMB Post Agency Service for the mutual benefit of retailers and their suppliers. Post Agency Service.