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Google Posts Insight Data

To date, we have managed Google Post for more than 20 brands across 5,300 locations in a number of sectors including retail, restaurateurs, pubs, car rental and business services. As a result, we have amassed unprecedented experience and insight data for a wide range of Post campaigns.

By measuring “Post Open Rates” as a percentage of Google My Business local search traffic, we see that Google Posts made by multi-location brands can attract significant audience attention and web traffic.
Post open rates vary by sector, location, time of year, demographic, audience and the post itself. This chart for a brand with 320 locations shows how Post open rates vary throughout the year.

Here is an example of a chain that Posts on a weekly basis.

It’s difficult to measure the impact of a Post on footfall without using trackable voucher codes in the post themselves. Alas none of our clients have done that, however many use trackable links which show a positive ROI as well as increase dwell time on the website.

We do not measure SEO benefit directly, but anecdotal evidence as well as articles by Moz and SearchEngineLand suggest that posting can increase organic performance.

Although we don’t measure change in ranking as a result of posting, our insights do show that clients that post frequently do see an increase in clicks to their website as well as clicks for directions and calls.

If you would like to discuss a Google Post campaign for your organisation, please call.