Google My Business Posts for Christmas

As we approach the Holiday season, now’s the time to plan your Google Posts.

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As we approach the Holiday season, now’s the time to plan your Google Posts.

Posts are seen by customers who are looking to visit your store or establishment, which is why it is a fantastic opportunity to promote gift ideas or make them aware of special promotions.

Your Google My Business listing is the digital doorway to your store.  People are looking at it for opening times, directions or a number to call; Google Post can influence their decision to come to the store, or even up-sell other products.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Google Posts this Christmas:

  • IMAGE  : Use eye catching images of the products you are promoting or simple banners.
    • Don’t worry about spending loads of time or money on specially designed images.

  • TAG LINE : Use simple tag lines such as :
    • “Ideal Gift for Her / Him”
    • “Great Stocking Fillers”
    • “Last Minute Gift Ideas”,
    • “Gifts for less than £X”
    • “Delicious treats”
    • “Special Christmas Menu”
    • etc… you get the picture!

  • DESCRIPTION :  Keep the description short such as:
    • “The ideal gift for any kid that loves fighting”
    • “Light up their faces this Christmas with this fantastic torch!”
    • “For the person that has too much already, why not sponsor a donkey?”
    • etc,

    • Although call-to-actions are optional, we recommend using “Learn More” if you want to drive traffic to your website.

    • Which one to use?  News, Event, Product or Offer?
      • If it is a time bound promotion – use Event or Offer, however if you use an Offer, make sure that staff are aware and know what to do with it.
      • News posts will only stay up for a week
      • Product posts only stay up for a week

    • Our data shows that Posts that are re-posted or stay up too long will quickly lose their effectiveness.  If you want your customers to get into the habit of looking at posts, you should post once per week with new content.

Worth knowing:  A Google post for a multi-location brand is likely to be seen significantly more times than a Facebook or Twitter Post AND at a time when people are actually looking to visit you!

For more tips see our blog How multi-location brands can use Google Posts.

If you have more than 50 locations and would like some help posting this Christmas please give us a call.
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