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What Are Google Product Listings?

Google Product listings appear prominently within Google My Business and are seen every time customers search for your store.


Listings may contain several key product images, descriptions, pricing and links to your website.

It’s a great feature for any business that sells a few products or wants to showcase a few key items.

However, ongoing maintenance and getting the most from the Google Products service can be a challenge.

What Are Google Products?

Google Product listings are a feature of Google My Business that helps businesses showcase the products they sell.

Within your Google My Business profile, you will see the option for Google Products.

Simply, populating a list with images and pricing information will produce a prominent section underneath your contact details, and just before the Google Updates section.

It’s a neat sandwich of promotions which really compliments your offerings and improves your public profile.

Why Are Products Useful?

Small to medium sized business who only stock a few products are unable to afford a full e-commerce site, or rely on footfall alone.

Google Products is comparatively easier than complex e-commerce and maintenance of a website.

However, be aware that ongoing maintenance of Google Products is a task in of itself with several pitfalls, especially if you are a multi-location retailer.

Thus, it’s easy enough to setup but becomes an extra headache if mismanaged.

How Are They Used For Best Effect?

Each time a customers searches for your store, and ends up browsing or comparing local offerings, Google Product listings appear.

Your products are presented alongside your NAP and just when customers are seeking you- both increasing their awareness of key items and enticing them to visit your store.

Together, this promotes footfall, clicks and calls to your business.

What Is The Best Way To Use Google Products?

Ideally, a medium business would regularly update their key and current offerings.

Examples of use:

  • Shoe Stores: Promote that latest, greatest designer trainer.
  • Car Show Rooms: Hit sales targets faster by attracting attention.
  • Estate agents: Help customers browse your key properties.
  • Banks: Display financial products and services.
  • Florists: Utilize this virtual shop window to display your bouquets.

As you can see, Google Products is not limited by sector.

Google Products noticeably increases product presence to drive footfall, clicks and calls.

However, larger businesses may wish to use the See What’s In Store feature in Google My Business instead. It’s easier to update on a rolling basis.