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Why Franchises Need a Centralised Local Search Strategy image

Most Franchises are local businesses, so having a local on-line strategy is incredibly important. However, getting franchisees to implement and manage their own local online strategy is inefficient and will result in performance issues and brand inconsistencies, which frustrates the franchisees and compromises the brand.  It also creates significant complications if franchisees leave the network. We talk to many franchises about the benefits of local presence management. Many of them say “thanks for the advice, but we’ll get our franchisees to do this!”, but invariably the franchisees don’t do it, and as a result, the franchise loses as a whole. It is in both the franchisor’s and franchisee’s interest to manage all local digital assets centrally. A centrally administered local ...

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Franchises – How to improve your local search performance image

Franchises – Tips on how to improve your local search presence. More than 50% (and growing) of all web queries are now performed on a mobile device. Why is this significant for franchises? Well if someone uses a mobile device to search for services, the results are tailored to their immediate location. This is called Local Search. Most franchise businesses are “local”. Local search is different to conventional web search as it is influenced by your address and phone number more than your website. In fact, a business without a website but is listed on local business listing sites can appear higher in local search than a business with just a website. The implications are huge, a business with a ...

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Local Franchisee websites can perform better in local search, be more engaging and drive customer conversion. Franchises operate locally and as such need an online presence that captures and engages consumers locally. Locally optimised websites can perform better in local search than traditional location finders or landing pages on corporate websites. Small locally focused franchisee websites can perform better in local search than big franchise websites that use ‘franchise locators’ and franchisee landing pages.   They can also be more effective in driving customer conversion. What makes a high performing local franchisee website? Locally optimised URL for example; Locally optimised title tag: Local franchise + keyword + cit For example:  ‘Your Franchise Name’, plumber, plumbing services, Brighton. Mobile optimised (Mobile ...

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